Reviewer for: EPJB, Entropy, NEPL, NEUNET.

Current research topics

  • Complex socio-economic systems modelling using networks, statistical physics, machine learning:
    • Physica A, 2019: "A maximum entropy network approach to stock-flow consistent macroeconomic models", hal, DOI, Python code on gitlab
    • draft: "Stock-flow consistent macroeconomic model with nonuniform distributional constraint", arXiv
    • Physica A, 2017: "Volume of the steady-state space of financial flows in a monetary stock-flow-consistent model", arXiv, DOI. Python code on gitlab
    • EPJB 13: "A Schelling model with switching agents: decreasing segregation via random allocation and social mobility", arXiv, DOI. Python code on gitlab
    • WSOM 17: "Multidimensional urban segregation: An exploratory case study", arXiv, DOI. R code on gitlab

Past research topics

  • Novelty detection, Fourier domain, extreme value theory (EVT), application to mechanical vibrations.
  • Robot/environment interaction, sensorimotor network:

Colleagues, collaborations