Recent teaching content on gitlab

2015-2017 Technology Institute :

  • Maths (series, power series, Fourier series) MA3.
  • Computational maths (Fourier, quadrature, differential equations) OL2
  • Introduction to programming (Python, Arduino), vision, and closed-loop control in robotics projects. See the video, and Python/arduino codes on gitlab.

In the past, I've been teaching:

  • Automation ARS3
  • Analog electronics (transistor, opamp, numeric/analog conversion) EN1, EN2.
  • Statistics and probability (L1 MIASHS,L2 ECO, magistère d'économie Paris 1)
  • Probability (school of engineering ENSIIE).
  • Numerical analysis (school of engineering ENSIIE).
  • C programming (L2).
  • Network, TCP/IP protocols (L1,L2).