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Posted on Tue 18 August 2020 in posts

Associate professor at Université Paris-Est Créteil, member of U. Paris-Est.

Teaching at IUT Sénart-Fontainebleau (Institute of Technology), see youtube channel of Electrical Engineering department.

Research at LISSI (Image, Signal and Intelligent Systems lab).


  • Accepted in Journal of Complex Networks "A network model of freight data with spatial dependence", HAL
  • At CAMS CNRS-EHESS during 1 year, starting september 2019.
  • Physica A "A maximum entropy network approach to stock-flow consistent macroeconomic models", hal
  • "Stock-flow consistent macroeconomic model with nonuniform distributional constraint", arXiv
  • NCAA19, WSOM17: "Multidimensional urban segregation: An exploratory case study", arXiv, IEEE, NCAA